My Love Story

I have been with my wife, Tuck, for four years now. We live outside of Hillsborough in a small one-stoplight town called Efland with our two fur babies, Junior and Zoie. We moved to Efland almost three years ago when we bought my childhood home!

We “officially” got married in Hillsborough, on August 17th, 2018 where we spent a beautiful simple day with our immediate families present, a total of seventeen people! We then “eloped” afterward and had our own private ceremony on a beach in the Dominican Republic. We spent an amazing week in the DR exploring the island and let's be honest, drinking lots of beautiful cocktails!

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Until I met Tuck I didn’t know what unconditional love in a partner felt like. To help each other through the ups and downs of real life. And the best part being that through it all I know she will be there by my side. We have been through so much together. It has made our relationship strong. We are the kind of couple who leaves each other love notes by the coffee pot in the mornings before we leave for work. We never forget to say I love you. We cuddle a lot. We LOVE the beach and go as often as we can in the summer. We love to travel together. She is seriously the only person I can drive the seventeen-hour trip back from Key West with in one day and still want to be around. We just bought our first home together three years ago. If you have ever completely renovated a house with someone.. and your relationship made it through… you better keep ‘em! She pushes me to be a better person, she is my best friend and I am so lucky to call her my wife!

Five years ago we adopted Junior. He has been the highlight of our life ever since. I had loved dogs my whole life… but Junior was different. He cuddled like a real baby. He would cuddle you all night long if you let him. He was so full of love and joy. He made us a little family.

Three years ago we added Zoie to our little family. If I thought loving Junior was awesome… well getting Zoie and watching her grow from such a small little baby has been incredible. Seeing her little personality unfold. ALL THE CUDDLES… when we got her I could hold her in one arm while she slept. She completes our little family. She has given Junior a new purpose in life… to teach his little sister all of his bad habits! They run together, play together, and sleep together. Their bond is so sweet. There is nothing quite like puppy love! Well, that’s my little family! What is your love story?